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We're going to talk about agile and architecture and this is a topic that's

It's been a long-running topic and it's right from the very beginnings of the agile software movement it was a question of what kind of role is there for architecture back at the very first agile oriented conference in 2000

I actually talked on that topic and said you know there is a role for design as I called it but it's different to what we we normally expect and in order to really understand that we've really divided our talking to two main part

In the first part we'll actually talk about what on earth is architecture in the first place and in the second part we'll focus more on the question of how do you ensure that architecture is happening on your project so like Martin said agile as as a practice and principles have been around for a while and the principles have been developed into several practices.

That focus maybe in the team space a lot of things around user stories are paired programming but when you bring in a lot of teams that are doing agile and being agile how do you make sure that architecture is still happening so first.

The definition of architecture on a whole just as a definition it deals with organization planning having core structure structural elements but it's also a kind of troubling word.

I've tended to actively avoid the word architecture a lot in my writing I tend to use design instead at thought works we're very nervous about talking about Architects and architecture very few people like to put architect on a business card and that's partly because of the nature of what we often run in particularly in larger companies.

Where people with the word architect on that title often seem very divorced from the realities of trading software development on a day to day basis but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case so.

When I think of architecture I think of a few things usually when we're talking about architecture and we do talk about it

We tend to discuss things that are hard to change things that might be expensive expensive in ways of money or or expensive in hard to change yeah and this actually goes to a particularly memorable discussion about what the nature of architecture is it was on a one of the agile or extreme programming mailing lists.

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